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Timothy Tait – Fuk Fu Kuen – Rank of Yee Cup Jr. (2nd Test) Eric Worcester – Butterfly Knives – Rank of Sam Cup Sr. 1nd Level (7th Test) Mike Braverman – Butterfly Knives – Rank of Sam Cup Sr. 1nd Level (7th Test) Judy Sylwester – Spear – Rank of Sam Cup Sr. 2nd Level (8th...

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Something Out Of Nothing

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Nothing can not be created from something…..but something can be created out of nothing. Clear your mind and let your mind of nothing create something.

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When there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph. Congratulations to Raymond Long Tiger Fork Rank of: Jo Gow Derrick Williams Butterfly Knifes Rank of: Sam Cup Sr. 2nd Level Julio Garcia Pole Rank of: Sam cup Sr. Simon Chun Fung Fuk Fu Rank of: Yat Cup Sr. Steve Flores Gung Gee Rank of: Yat Cup Jr.   Your dedication carries on the tradition of the Hung Ga legacy. THANK...

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The Human Race Takes Another Loss

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There is a growing Divide between the Police and the People. Some say Brutality, some say Racism, some may even say it’s Justice but at the end of it all Team Human Race takes the loss. When one is effected we all are effected, Directly or Indirectly we all will feel the repercussions. Killing is now a Disease and Humans are sick from it. Wake...

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Giving Up Is Not An Option.

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Whenever if feels impossible…....

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Sifu Joseph Demundo: Sifu Level 8th Don Ray Wong: Sifu Level 2nd Don Christel Johnson: Sam Cup Sr. 4th Level, (Kwon Do) Ben Fishman: Sam Cup Sr. 2nd Level, (Butterfly Knives) Joseph Nemec: Yee Cup Jr. (Fu Hok/Tiger Crane) Dan Gerrity: Yat Cup Sr. (Fuk Fu)...

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