Wong Kei Ying

Wong Kei Ying (Est. 1815 – 1886) was a Chinese martial artist and physician who lived during the late Qing Dynasty. Wong Kei Ying was born in Sai Chiu village in the county of Naam Hoi in Guangdung Province, at the beginning of the 19th century. His date of birth is unknown. His son Wong Fei-Hung lived from 1847 to 1924, so it is possible that he was born in the 1810s or 1820s.

As a young boy he earned a living as a street performer using martial arts. One day while performing he was noticed by Luk Ah Choi and soon after accepted Wong as a student and becoming Luk Ah Choi’s disciple.

However, another story tells that Wong Kei Ying learned from his father Wong Taai, who was a student of Luk Ah Choi. Later, Wong Kei Ying was sent to Luk Ah Choi to continue his study under Luk Ah Choi’s guidance. Wong Kei Ying later became the martial arts instructor of the general of Guangdong’s infantry regiment.

Wong Kei Ying was one of Southern China’s famous “Ten Tigers of Guangdung” (Guangdung Sup Fu). Wong Kei Ying also exchanged a lot of knowledge with other kung fu masters, such as Wong Yan Lum, a “Lion’s Roar” kung fu master and also a member of the Ten Tigers of Guangdung.

Wong Kei Ying died in 1886.