"Yee’s is an extremly versatile, practical, exciting style of kung fu to learn"

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Mission Statement

Sifu with Ji MoOur mission is to provide the opportunity to learn a very effective Kung Fu in a welcoming, safe, calm environment, with no discrimination and no short sighted views towards any individual. Our mission is to teach anyone that is good hearted and who has the desire to learn.

Who We Are

Chryse High KickWe are New York City’s Chinatown Yee’s Hung-Ga Kung Fu Academy. Part of Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association and part of the World Hung Kuen Association Limited. Yee’s was first Established in New York City 40 years ago by Sifu Yee Chi Wai.

What We Do

Ray Kwon DoWe teach the traditional Southern Shaolin Five Animals Kung-Fu based on the Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, and Snake. As well as the Five Elements system based on the Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, and Fire. These five animals and five elements are the basis of our technique.

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