What We Do

Ray Kwon DoWe teach the traditional Southern Shaolin Five Animals Kung-Fu based on the Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, and Snake. As well as the Five Elements system based on the Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, and Fire. These five animals and five elements are the basis of our technique. They are the basis of our physical technique and the philosophy of the way of moving. Each animal represents a different way of moving do to body type, preference and situational usage. With each animal and their movements different they take a different approach towards fighting, some are evasive, some aggressive, some sneaky. This is learned and understood as you progress.

We focus on practical street self-defense, using techniques for many different street  scenarios. Learning to deal with different types of grabs, approaches, angles, multiple opponents and weapons. You are learning how to defend yourself, learning how to see differing situations and learning to deal with them calmly. How to avoid dangerous situations and how to defend yourself or your loved ones if needed, very effectively.

We also focus a great deal on exercise, Form training and the health benefits through Hung Ga Kung Fu. Physical exercise, breathing exercise, Chi Gung development and the internal energy development all leads to better health.

Our program involves conditioning the body, as well as learning multiple hand combinations that pertain to street and competitive tournament sparring. It also includes stance and foot work for strength and speed that will be the foundation for learning Hung Ga.

For those that are interested, tournament participation and preparation is there for you, in areas of fighting and Forms. This is taught from beginner level to advanced levels.

Every student has the option to advance in all areas of our program, or tailor it to their needs. A student might only be interested in learning Kung Fu forms and have no desire for contact fighting or sparring. Another might only be interested in hand techniques and have no interest in leg kicks. It’s understood that no student is alike, thus the program can be adjusted accordingly.

Once a student builds a solid foundation and moves towards the advanced levels, they can begin to focus on their specialty. Specific areas such as these:

Forms Training

For the higher level of training, for strength, Technique and Chi development. Or doing performances and competitions at tournaments.


For the higher level of the Hung Ga fighting, learning the finishing techniques and hand combinations along with Chi usage. Or tournament fighting, kickboxing: competing at beginner level to advance level to achieve championship.


Very effective high level self-defense which relates to the high level of Hung Ga fighting, that is hand combinations and finishing techniques with the usage of Chi.


Specialize in kicking combinations with speed and flexibility, excellent for tournament competitions.

Chi Gung

Chi training and development of the internal strength to a high level for explosive power, or on a meditation level for health and spirituality.


Focus on how to be an instructor, which helps you reach a higher level of understanding of the art and helps spread the knowledge to future generations while preserving the art of Hung Ga.

The program is designed to help students progress and complete their martial art training successfully.