Who We Are

Chryse High KickWe are New York City’s Chinatown Yee’s Hung-Ga Kung Fu Academy. Part of Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association and part of the World Hung Kuen Association Limited. Yee’s was first Established in New York City 40 years ago by Sifu Yee Chi Wai. Yee’s continues its presence in Chinatown/Lower East side location for the past 19 years by Sifu Joseph Demundo. We have branches located in the United States, Toisan China, Europe and Canada.

We are Hung Ga (Hung Family). We are a southern Chinese martial arts. Hung Ga is one of the most popular Kung Fu styles of Southern China. We are in the direct lineage of the Southern Shaolin Temple. Hung Ga is based on the southern Shaolin philosophy of the five animals and five elements, the secret society rebellion fighters who fought against the Ching Dynasty, and the village Hung Ga style.  We are a School of knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation, and currently in the hands of Sifu Yee Chi Wai and his close Disciples.

Our School promotes Kung Fu. With a firm belief in maintaining the integrity of real Kung Fu and upholding our respectful reputation in Hung Ga. Read more about what we do and read more about the history of Hung-ga.

Hung Ga has a great and extensive history, starting with the Southern Shaolin Temple. Follow our lineage and our history.