Hung Hei Guen

Hung Hei Guen’s grandfather was an official of the Ming government. Hung was originally a tea merchant before becoming a student of master Gee Sim and graduating from the south Siu Lam temple.

Hung Hei-gun (洪熙官) was originally named Jue (朱) and was a tea merchant. He escaped to the Southern Fujian Shaolin Temple after he had an argument with a few upper class Manchurians during the Qing Dynasty when the Manchus were in control. Abott Ji Sin accepted him into the temple and soon found out how talented and hardworking he was in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. Ji Sin was impressed by these qualities and soon began to teach Hung the Tiger style that he specialized in. After six years he became number one of the top ten of the laymen followers (they were people who went to the temple to learn pure kungfu directly correlated to the creation and roots of then known religion. Only known by the highest level monks). However, afterwards the Qing government destroyed the temple because the temple gave refuge to many rebels who wanted to restore the Ming Dynasty. Hung Hei-gun had 2 mentionable students one was Luk Ah Choi (陸亞采), Luk followed Hung Hei-gun and also Hung’s teacher Ji Sin (至善) learning Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. Becoming a revolutionary Luk named his style Hung Ga (洪家), not after Hung Hei-gun but after Hung Mun (洪門), the triad.