Mission Statement

Sifu with Ji MoOur mission is to provide the opportunity to learn a very effective Kung Fu in a welcoming, safe, calm environment, with no discrimination and no short sighted views towards any individual. Our mission is to teach anyone that is good hearted and who has the desire to learn. We believe in providing quality instruction to everyone, so that we can help you reach your goals and expectations. Providing a learning experience that is exciting and knowledgeable.

We understand that no one person learns the same and we believe that you should be given the opportunity to be taught accordingly to your learning pace and understanding. Progression at any pace is progression.

Our belief is to encourage to do better and never settling for “just okay”. Keeping you on a path of continuous learning and self-awareness.

To treat you as an individual, so that you may achieve what is appropriate, needed and desired. We want you to be your best! Our desire is to get “that” out of you.

Better health is a necessity, be it mental, physical or both. Through physical exercise and chi development, we will get you into shape. You will learn to focus. You can have a better mental and physical awareness.

All body types and age, male or female, big or small, strong or weak can learn Hung Ga. We want to teach you how to become strong if you’re weak and to become soft if you’re are strong. How to use your strength wisely becoming stronger smartly. How to use softness to your advantage but not to be weak. We want to teach you how to balance and understand how your body moves while strengthening your mind and your focus.

If you have enough patience to become more patient, and are a good person, we’d be happy to teach you and pass the knowledge of Hung Ga.